Happy Birthday / 400th Anniversary William Shakespeare!

Today we celebrated a big day! Happy Birthday Mr. William Shakespeare and Happy 400 year Anniversary since you took your final bow.

Thank you.

We also successfully filmed the full first cycle of In Souliloquy.


Francesca Burgoyne as (a hungry) Lady Macbeth.


Michael Bagwell as (a confused) Fool.


Our little Lavina made and played by Joanna May.


Fern McCauley as (a slightly well balanced) Juliet.


An enthusiastic Helena played by Christine Leigh Milburn!

Unfortunately Margaret of Anjou doesn’t mug for the camera (we had a time limit) – however in director mode her performer Victorine Pontillon



As you can see we made time for some celebratory fun in among the deep and meaningful exploration of art, language and soul searching.

I think it’s important to share the fun and the light side of what goes into the art we make and to acknowledge how it it is connected to what has come before.

We writers need strong hands.


“Out, out brief candle.”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mr. Shakespeare for your light that shines on us 400 years later on the 23rd April 2016.



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