Introducing: Annie McKenzie as Katherina.

We are delighted to annouce Annie McKenzie will play Katherina (after Taming of the Shrew) for In Souliloquy Cycle 3. This Kate knows well the value of her kisses.

Annie McKenzie black and white.jpg

Since graduating from East 15, Annie has worked on many projects as an actor, writer and director; including Ionesco’s ‘The Bald Prima Donna’, and two seasons of work with all-female Boireannach Theatre Company. Annie’s solo show ‘Happiness is a Cup of Tea’ opens at Pleasance Courtyard on 3rd August as part of 2016’s Edinburgh Fringe, and she has been a part of the Soho Young Company since 2015, working on her first full-length play with dramaturg Chris White. Annie’s thrilled to be working with the In Souliloquy team, and can’t wait to get her teeth into Katherina, one of Shakespeare’s strongest female characters.

Annie is playing a Katherina who knows both herself and her husband well enough to know what their only possible future together can be.

Introducing: Owen Clark as Tybalt.

We are delighted to announce Owen Clark is joining In Souliloquy for Cycle 3 as Tybalt (after Romeo and Juliet). This is a young man cut down before he could fulfill what he believed to be his destiny.


Owen is an accomplished actor, director and writer. Originally from Montreal Canada he now calls London home after moving here to train at the highly esteemed East 15 acting school. His work has taken him throughout North America, Europe and Russia. He is delighted to mark the 400th anniversary of the conclusion of Shakespeare’s life by working with insoliloquy on this very exciting project


Owen is playing a Tybalt that cannot quite believe his fate and what then came to pass – and rails against both how he is remembered compared to what his legacy could have been.

Introducing: Richard Listor as Abhorsen.

We are delighted to annouce Richard Listor as Abhorsen for our third cycle of In Souliloquy. The Executioner in Measure for Measure does not get the opportunity to say much but there is such weight to his presence and words that we wanted to explore.


No one dares meet his eyes.

Richard Listor has a Post Graduate Diploma GFCA Soho (Laban/Malmgren/Carpenter Method) and BA Theatre Bristol University. He was a member of NYT and has Meisner Training. Richard has a long history of playing classic Shakespearean characters and recently filmed the short film The Hoarder.

Richard will be playing an Abhorsen who understands the mysteries of his work and life – and challenges us to do the same.

Seven Sonnets & A Song – Paul Kelly

I love Paul Kelly – with the kind of defiant Australian-ness that I cling tight with his stories of my country and how far we have come and how far we have to go.

Seven Sonnets & A Song is a project to tie in with #Shakespeare400 – where Paul has taken the words of Shakespeare and put them to music. In short it’s a pretty divine collection – it’s only downside that it feels very short – much more like an EP than a record. But it’s beautiful and full of little treasures and new rhythms to words you thought you knew.

Sonnet 18 gets a lovely treatment – but here below is Sonnet 73 – it’s a wonderful video clip:

I missed out on his London concert but sent along a mate who provided me with the goods and also had a great time! Yay for sharing on good things and for tickets not going to waste.


So this isn’t necessarily “Australian” but hearing this very “English” words sung with such a voice is a reminder how much Shakespeare means to all sorts of people around the world and how it can be reclaimed in different contexts.

A discussion for another day perhaps – but for now perhaps lets sit back and enjoy the music.


FIVE SMALL ANGRY TWITTER SHAKESPEARES. It is such a great celebration of an Australian Bard tapping into The English Bard. Plus you can learn and sing these words in a new way, what a truly excellent and worthy thing. 

PS. My dad thinks we should write to Paul and get him to sing our Souliloquies! I agree, I think singing them would be ace.

8 Places I Have Written In Souliloquy.

A lovely thing about this project is due to the size and scope of each monologue I feel able to take it out with me into the world and write as a free-range writer. It’s exciting for me to escape the house.

1.Brill Cafe

Ah, this was the day I left my wallet in a shop and got rescued by an Oyster Angel AND wrote Lavinia. It was an emotional evening.


I love Brill. They make excellent tea and use almond milk! When I returned I also wrote successfully. It has excellent soothing vibes.


It’s Four Small Angry Twitter Shakespeares for Brill because Lavinia was so hard to write and that cup of tea was a life saver. I needed all the hugs I got that evening after writing that one. 

2. Gails

A quality fall back for good vibes and later opening hours. I didn’t get much work done as I was evesdropping on a meeting going on nearby about Georgian poetry and was too excited about rehearsals to focus.



Two Small Angry Twitter Shakespeares because not much luck and bakeries are quite sad places when bread is more-or-less off menu. That blank page got filled, but it was’t very useful.

3. Leon. 

No photos but good food – since my guts have turned me away from gluten and dairy I actually go to Leon far more as they have a decent vegan selection and good labelling systems.


Three Small Angry Twitter Shakespeare for consistency. 

4. Notes.

Hipster points – they use bonsoy – and their chai is actually delicious. Also not too busy but busy enough you can’t be there indefinitely. Yorick, Viola and Richard III were all tackled in the Kings Cross branch.


That’s Yorick! And here’s Viola.



A whole five Small Angry Twitter Shakespeares because of returned success! Such cute cups too!

5. e5 Bakehouse

Almost my fave place. Even without being able to eat the bread. Bonsoy hot chocolate is just ace. See photo evidence of a little baby vegan cake – though, it’s pretty tempting to eat something there…



Only Two Small Angry Twitter Shakespeares because it’s not easy writing in a place that smells so fine and you can’t eat the bread. No wonder the first incarnation of Titania was grumpy!

6. Pret 

I actually really like Pret. Good staple and you can tuck yourself away without feeling obliged to be in a hurry. Out of all the chains it holds my heart and omg, has new vegan snacks which are delicious. The new chai lattes are pretty good too, however I wish they kept the chai tea as well. I like a spicy cuppa.


Abhoreson in progress.


Three Small Angry Twitter Shakespeares – no hipster street cred but at on almost every street in central London they do make excellent pit stops and bolt holes.

7. At home in bed. 

My not actually having a desk is becoming a bit of an issue. Still, revising – typing up and occasionally (see Emilia) having inspiration at 1am. I do a lot of work here.




Would be 5 but it is minus one Small Angry Twitter Shakespeare due to regular osteopath visits!

8. A Top Secret Office Location in Mayfair.

As a temp there is rarely a workplace quiet enough and forgiving enough to do actual other work in. This was a blessing and I wrote a LOT – being given explicit permission to do that was a dream and also made me work. Hard.



Five Small Angry Twitter Shakespeares for productivity. Juliet, Lady Macbeth, Helena were all first drafted here. Such pretty stairs…

Now then… onto writing cycle 4! – T

Emilia In Souliloquy

Emilia In Souliloquy from In Souliloquy on Vimeo.

Emilia can’t ever forget and she will never forgive.

Performed by Shannon Howes
Written by Tilly Lunken
Directed by Victorine Pontillon
After William Shakespeare’s Othello.

Special thanks to Brigitte Brown

Emilia In Souliloquy is part of Cycle 2 of In Souliloquy
In Souliloquy is devised and produced by Victorine Pontillon and Tilly Lunken



Viola In Souliloquy

Viola In Souliloquy from In Souliloquy on Vimeo.

She found her song playing not who she was.

Performed by Peyvand Sadeghian
Written by Tilly Lunken
Directed by Victorine Pontillon
After William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Special thanks to Brigitte Brown

In Souliloquy is devised and produced by V&T
Victorine Pontillon and Tilly Lunken



Symbiosis by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0