Introducing: Jonathan Edward Cobb as Don John.

We are delighted to announce Jonathan Edward Cobb as Don John (after Much Ado About Nothing) for Cycle 4 of In Souliloquy. This is the final monologue for this stage of our project and it is such a great character to finish with – a truly complex man.


Jonathan graduated from Drama Studio London in 2014, and last year was very lucky to perform out at Vienna’s English Theatre as Justin in ‘The Fox on The Fairway’. He has toured three Shakespeare productions; ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (Romeo), ‘King Lear’ (Edmund) and ‘Measure for Measure’ (Lucio) with Quite Right Theatre around Italy and recently has been performing in ‘The Sentence Snatchers’ at The Rialto Theatre in Brighton. He has just finished filming the feature film ‘Hippopotamus’ and will be appearing as Idle Jack in ‘Beauty and The Beast’ at The Leatherhead Theatre this Christmas. Here is a link to my


A villain of little words, speaks.





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