The AWARD WINNING Ophelia In Souliloquy.


We are very excited to announce that our Ophelia In Souliloquy has been given an award as part of #ShakespeareLives shorts festival run by the British Council.

We are very chuffed and super grateful to anyone and everyone who voted (it seems our videos because they were submitted on the same day were actually competing against each other which we didn’t know but DESPITE this and DESPITE the excruciating glitchyness of the website we are really happy).

We love our Ophelia. She was written from a place of rage, but is so defiant and beautiful in performance she transcends that anger into something much, much more. Victorine’s brainwave to film it in a bathroom also works really nicely. There is nothing more than stripped back honesty to this piece.

You can read about writing it here. Our talented actress Lilian Schiffer’s biography and links are here. You can watch the video here.

Thank you again! We shall keep you posted if anything further comes from it – apparently there is a continuing process…






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