Please vote for Lady Macduff In Souliloquy for #ShakespeareLives!

We are excited to announce that Lady Macduff In Souliloquy – from Cycle 4 of this project has been nominated for the #ShakespeareLives Competition. Please vote for us!


If you have already voted for us and you return to the website, barring any glitches it should be rather easy for you because a) you are potentially still logged in or b) you already have an account so click on login and get going. DO NOT try and login through any pop ups, instead click on the login button on the menu and follow that pathway through – then find video and vote.

If you have not voted yet and would like to: Here is a link directly to the registration page: – because it is a glitchy website it works better to register first and then watch and vote. You can also find this page by clicking the login button on the main menu, scrolling down and clicking on register a new account.

To register using an email address it won’t work unless your password is exactly 8 characters total and has a capital letter, a number and another character (#$£%!). This feature is not explicitly stated on the website and it will just block you and say there is an error with the password. We suggest choosing a six letter word – capitalising the first letter and putting the symbol and number after ie. Juliet#5 – otherwise logging in through social media is apparently easier.

If you are logging in using social media and have verified your account, you should login in via the login button and page NOT THROUGH clicking on the video vote now and subsequent pop up. This feature just doesn’t work at all.

We have done very well on this platform and would very much love to continue with that so please do vote for Lady Macduff, show her some love as she doesn’t get much in Macbeth. As mentioned in previous posts… this is such great exposure for our project and we have already had a nice little bump in views for the featured videos but we need more votes (lots of lovely round 10s please) to raise our average scores and get us shortlisted as winners. Public voting is always a difficult thing and the best way we can actually ensure we do well on this platform is for loads of people we know to give us a bit of love.

Here is the direct link to the video: 


Thank you!
Tilly, Victorine and Tracey x



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