Character Portraits: Flute and Starveling!


Flute – Bellows Mender, Special effects, Player.

Flute doesn’t take himself or anything particularly seriously, but when the show will go up – he’ll be ready. ‘Til then his priorities are being well fed, warm in the comfort of the pub – that and winding up Snout, Quince, Snug and the more ‘theatre-types’ amongst the cast. For with a play as morbid in tone as this one, someone has to bring the comedy!

He is cast as a wide range of characters and for the extract at the Criterion Theatre is playing Witch Two.

Flute is played by the talented Stewart Briggs.


Starveling – Tailor, Costumer, Player.

Starveling is a trickster at heart and always ready to make merry and fun, however she takes pride in her role as costumer and will forgo sleep to ensure the cast are dressed. A literal sort of person, she might be a little slow to grasp at the layers of meanings in the play but her heart is full of love for her mates. Shhhhh, they are the real reason why she’s there!

She is cast with the most roles and in the Criterion Theatre extract she is playing Witch Three.

Starveling is played by the wonderful Jeannie Dickinson.

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