@insouliloquy for #Shakespeare400


As this is a primarily digital project we are focusing our energy on digital platforms and engagement – with an emphasis on twitter as it is a great way of becoming part of a community.

The main issue that crops up on maintaining social media accounts is content but we have had no problem with this – indeed there is so much interesting and exciting Shakespeare related stuff happening this month there is a real movement happening #Shakespeare400.

What is #Shakespeare400?

#Shakespeare400 is the social media hashtag for the month long celebration of all things Shakespeare to celebrate his 400th birthday!  It’s also a nice way for us to connect with other projects doing awesome creative work to celebrate. 

Please follow us on twitter – we are a mix of project updates and fascinating Shakespeare articles. Both prolific, polite and amusing. @insouliloquy


Also Tilly (@theatreofwords) totally got favourited by Shakespeare. Writer Life goals!