In Souliloquy – Cycle 4 – character recap.

Our Cycle 4 of In Souliloquy is packed full of interesting characters from a wide range of plays – some of the names you will instantly know, a couple maybe not so much but each of them have a strong and unique voice speaking right out to you.

Cycle 4  includes: Lady Macduff, Cassandra, Orlando, Doll Tearsheet, Don, John and Marina. After Macbeth, Troilus and Cressida, As You Like It, Henry IV, Much Ado About Nothing and Pericles Prince of Tyre.

Orlando in Souliloquy is written and directed by Victorine Pontillon – all others in this cycle are written by Tilly Lunken and directed by Victorine Pontillon.



Doll Tearsheet

Lady Macduff


Don John










Doll Tearsheet In Souliloquy.

Time to give something back to she who is forever open.

Performed by Angharad Price
Written by Tilly Lunken
Directed by Victorine Pontillon
After William Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part II.

In Souliloquy is devised and produced by Victorine Pontillon and Tilly Lunken.
Doll Tearsheet In Souliloquy is part of Cycle 4 of this project.

Danse Morialta by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: by Attribution 3.0