Introducing: Sophie MacKenzie as Mariana for ET TU.

sophie-large-10147 mid copy

We are delighted to announce Sophie MacKenzie as Mariana for our next ET TU release. Sophie’s spotlight:¬† details her theatre work, she is a musician as well as a visual artist.

Our Mariana is beginning to feel a little trapped in the web of her own happily everafter. Luckily her new bff Bianca has wine and good heart.

Introducing: Jackson Pentland as Bottom in Mechanicals’ Macbeth at Criterion Showcase!

Jackson Pentland (bw-14-1)

We are excited to announce Jackson Pentland as Bottom in Mechanicals’ Macbeth for the Criterion New Writing Showcase!

Jackson trained at the University of Bristol and the Bristol Academy of Performing Arts. He has toured the UK and Ireland in Much Ado About Nothing (Benedick), The Wind in the Willows (Toad), The Hound of the Baskervilles (Watson), A Christmas Carol (Present/Fezziwig), as well as touring internationally to China in the Jungle Book (Baloo) and Dubai in The Pirates of Dinosaur Island (Major Potts/Lucky Jim). Other roles include Peter Rabbit and Friends (Mrs Tiggywinkle), Danny the Champion of the World (Dad), Anonymous Anonymous (George), The Peregrine (Doroteo), The Importance of Being Earnest (Lady Bracknell), and of course A Midsummer Night’s Dream most recently as Oberon/Theseus but Mechanicals’ Macbeth will be the third appearance of Jackon’s Bottom on the professional stage.

Jackson is also working with us as composer/Musical director.

As a composer and musical director Jackson has worked with Chapterhouse Theatre Company, Blue/Orange, GB Theatre Company, and Second Best Bed for whom he wrote lyrics, composed, and arranged a variety of songs ranging from Schubert-esque ballads to contemporary pop and rock songs. He writes folk and traditional music for Shakespeare plays including a collaboration with In Souliloquy for Et Tu.

Seven Sonnets & A Song – Paul Kelly

I love Paul Kelly – with the kind of defiant Australian-ness that I cling tight with his stories of my country and how far we have come and how far we have to go.

Seven Sonnets & A Song is a project to tie in with #Shakespeare400 – where Paul has taken the words of Shakespeare and put them to music. In short it’s a pretty divine collection – it’s only downside that it feels very short – much more like an EP than a record. But it’s beautiful and full of little treasures and new rhythms to words you thought you knew.

Sonnet 18 gets a lovely treatment – but here below is Sonnet 73 – it’s a wonderful video clip:

I missed out on his London concert but sent along a mate who provided me with the goods and also had a great time! Yay for sharing on good things and for tickets not going to waste.


So this isn’t necessarily “Australian” but hearing this very “English” words sung with such a voice is a reminder how much Shakespeare means to all sorts of people around the world and how it can be reclaimed in different contexts.

A discussion for another day perhaps – but for now perhaps lets sit back and enjoy the music.


FIVE SMALL ANGRY TWITTER SHAKESPEARES. It is such a great celebration of an Australian Bard tapping into The English Bard. Plus you can learn and sing these words in a new way, what a truly excellent and worthy thing. 

PS. My dad thinks we should write to Paul and get him to sing our Souliloquies! I agree, I think singing them would be ace.