Snout Updates & Festive Greetings!


Important news to share in for our ongoing Snout project and how you can be involved. What initially started as a one off cycle has expanded into an ongoing project. Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm!

We are:

Making a stop motion animation with the penguin above. Wilston as he is known is our worldly representative from Antarctica. As much as we anticipate working with people from all over the world (yay!) – we thought we’d cover the big ice-y south continent.

Having said that if you know someone working down in Antarctica, or living anywhere who is a performer who might be interested in contributing to our #WallForAll – we would LOVE to be put in touch to continue building this project. We are looking for more collaborators and people interested, the more diverse and varied the better.

Our next batch will be released in early 2017 but we are looking for people interested beyond that.

This project was always about connecting people but we are now actively pitching it as a narrative disrupting-art-winning-unite-the-world thing. What better way to continue the celebration of Shakespeare’s work than to make new work inspired by one of his most beloved characters that links us all in new ways.

Big love for the holiday season!


Tilly and Victorine.


Snout In Souliloquy – Alex Talamo / The Dig Collective – Melbourne.

Snout In Souliloquy – Alex Talamo/The Dig Collective – Melbourne from In Souliloquy on Vimeo.

A Wall For All. Built by Alex Tálamo, Melbourne, Australia.

Snout In Souliloquy (after William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream).
Written by Tilly Lunken
Produced by Victorine Pontillon and Tilly Lunken

Actor: Dana McMillan
Director & Camera: Alex Talamo
Music: Tim Sneddon
Created by: The DIG Collective
Twitter: @TheDIGonline


Dana McMillan trained her performance skills at VCA’s Acting Studio program, movement with Teresa Blake, and voice with Suzanne Heywood. Performance credits include title roles in Memmie le Blanc (Memmie) for Union House Theatre, As You Like It (Rosalind) for Melbourne University Shakespeare Company and she is a company member of Soothplayers: Completely Improvised Shakespeare. She is co-artistic director for Grub Theatre and co-director of Planning Atlantis, currently in development after an award-winning season at Mudfest 2015 (Sustainability Award and Fringe Award). Grub’s previous work Pigeon Life for Tastings Festival, which she co-wrote and devised, won a scholarship from Union House Theatre. As a writer and theatre maker, her works include the intimate and highly acclaimed piece, How are you, lovely? for Tastings Festival, and No Light for the Unprovoked Festival. Dana is an Artistic Director at The DIG Collective.


Alex Tálamo is a director and deviser who works across visual, live and media arts. Her practice engages a process of slow dramaturgy, often working with ensembles and encouraging a multiplicity of voices within a single work. Conceptually, her work investigates outsider identities, including migrant and feminist perspectives, and is always responsive to contemporary political frameworks. Alex studied at VCA, completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Performance Creation (Animateuring, 2012). She has been the recipient of Australia Council’s Cultural Leaders of the Future (2011) and two international study tours through the Ian Potter Foundation and Art Start (2013). Her work has been shown at Performance Studies International (2016), Metanoia’s Live Works program (2015), and Activism month at FCAC (2016). She is an Artistic Director at The DIG Collective and has curated two seasons of the experimental theatre festival, Unprovoked (2013). 

Snout In Souliloquy is a continuing international digital theatre project celebrating artistic connection and collaboration across the world.