Seven Sonnets & A Song – Paul Kelly

I love Paul Kelly – with the kind of defiant Australian-ness that I cling tight with his stories of my country and how far we have come and how far we have to go.

Seven Sonnets & A Song is a project to tie in with #Shakespeare400 – where Paul has taken the words of Shakespeare and put them to music. In short it’s a pretty divine collection – it’s only downside that it feels very short – much more like an EP than a record. But it’s beautiful and full of little treasures and new rhythms to words you thought you knew.

Sonnet 18 gets a lovely treatment – but here below is Sonnet 73 – it’s a wonderful video clip:

I missed out on his London concert but sent along a mate who provided me with the goods and also had a great time! Yay for sharing on good things and for tickets not going to waste.


So this isn’t necessarily “Australian” but hearing this very “English” words sung with such a voice is a reminder how much Shakespeare means to all sorts of people around the world and how it can be reclaimed in different contexts.

A discussion for another day perhaps – but for now perhaps lets sit back and enjoy the music.


FIVE SMALL ANGRY TWITTER SHAKESPEARES. It is such a great celebration of an Australian Bard tapping into The English Bard. Plus you can learn and sing these words in a new way, what a truly excellent and worthy thing. 

PS. My dad thinks we should write to Paul and get him to sing our Souliloquies! I agree, I think singing them would be ace.